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We are a couple of families resident in Vellinge municipality in Sweden, who started Fivecation. We have all owned holiday homes abroad and have more than 120 years of combined experience from staying and living abroad. We come with backgrounds ranging from auditing, banking, real estate, travel, interior design, IT and web development. From this knowledge, we have created a unique concept for families and couples who want to own their own accommodation abroad and who like to put a silver lining on their holidays.

Our idea is to offer direct ownership of dreamy holiday homes in the Marbella, Provence, Italian Alps and Valencia area. We have created a concept where 20 families own and share four fantastic holiday properties. Accommodations where you feel at home right away and can travel to all year round. Where there is plenty of room for friends and family. Where nature is close and where you can easily get to various sports activities such as padel, tennis, golf, swimming, running, cycling etc. Villages and towns should be within easy reach, so that you can shop for vegetables at the local markets, or go out to eat something in the evening if desired. All this at a reasonable cost. 

Welcome to a future-oriented and sustainable ownership abroad!

/Alexandra, Martin, Kristina, Jonas, Berth-Ake, Pernilla

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