Puerto Banos, Spain

Sharing economy

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Sharing economy

Sustainable ownership, and pay only for what you use.

It's wonderful to own a holiday home abroad. You feel at home right away, there is plenty of space and you do not have to crowd with others at breakfast on the terrace. But most holiday homes are empty for more than 45 weeks per year. It is also costly to own yourself and the financial effort is great. Needless to say, 

With Fivecation you can have all advantages and put aside the disadvantages. You only invest a fraction of the total purchase price and still become the owner of as many as four properties in fantastic locations. You avoid everything that you otherwise have to stand with, such as high costs of supervision, management of pool & garden, property taxes and various repairs and maintenance. In addition, there will be money left over to do other things. And you still have no crowds at breakfast. 

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