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In this section you will find answers to many of the most frequently asked questions.

In the unlikely event that you do not receive an answer to your question, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Price (total of 20 owners):

Owner nr 1-12:      Sold

Owner nr 13-15:    Sold

Owner nr 16-20:    213.000 Euro 

The booking calendar opens up immediately after signing.


202,000 Euro (up to buyer no. 15, then the price rises to 213,000 Euro)


Date of first check-in:

Direct (Valencia Property and Marbella Property).

It is a great advantage to sign up early because the booking system opens directly for bookings when you have subscribed ownership. 

Date of check-in of subsequent properties:

Property Provence, expected check-in January 2022.
Property Italian Alps, expected check-in February 2022.

Payment process:


For your maximum comfort and security, payment will be only 25% per available property. The criteria for payment is that the property has been purchased -or signed for- by Fivecation, and is bookable for holidays in the booking calendar.  


- Fivecation have purchased the 2 first properties and the properties are available for booking. Your first payment will be 25% x 2 x 202,000 Euro = 101,000 Euro.

- When property No.3 is purchased/signed for by Fivecation, you will pay another 25%, and finally the last 25% is due when property 4 is purchased/signed for by Fivecation.  

That is how easy and safe you can become owner of four holiday homes in Spain, France and Italy.


We give location top priority matched with high standards.  The selected homes are hand-picked and offer lifestyle, comfort and are located in a safe environment.

The selected properties can be reached within approximately one hour from large international airports.

The accommodations are renovated to a high standard, including furnishing of high class. Our objective is to ensure that each property will at least retain or even appreciate in value.

The home-to-home feeling is carried through each entire property.  We have been careful in selecting furniture to suit the properties.  Each property is individually furnished in line with the country and region it is located in whilst making sure it offers style and comfort with a Scandinavian touch.

Linen and towels are provided in the same way one would have in hotels. One arrives to find a full set of linen along with bath- and pool- / beach- towels of finest cotton.

Our property in Valencia can accommodate 8 people (4 bedrooms) whilst the one in Marbella has room for 6 people (3 bedrooms), in addition there is a good hotel within walking distance if there is need for more space. The property in Provence will accommodate 8 people (4 bedrooms). The ‘sports-apartment’ in the Italian Alps will have beds for 6 persons.

Yes, every owner has the option to store limited clothing/items in private boxes/cupboards that are on site (excluding the sports-apartment in the Italian Alps). You might want a summer dress, swimming shorts, sandals, shoes, perfume or similar items to be always in place. The idea is that you travel comfortably with least possible luggage (hand luggage).

Except that all properties are fully furnished, the homes are also equipped with the necessary basic goods such as paper towels, toilet paper, hand soap, washing and dishwashing detergent.

Each stay includes mandatory cleaning afterwards by a selected cleaning company. The price is about 150-200 Euro depending on the property and the number of guests and is charged in connection with your stay. Bed linen and towels are also taken care of by the cleaning company. One should expect to arrive at "hotel standard" and you leave the property in the same condition to the next guest.

All properties are equipped with WiFi and TV.

All homes are insured by recommended insurance companies.

Fivecation is carefully selecting the four properties, which provides security and comfort for you as a buyer.  The accommodations will thus be available for stay immediately after they have been renovated and furnished.

Access as follows:

- 1.June 2021 for Property Valencia and Property Marbella, hence you will be able to start your vacation from that day. 

- Property Provence: Within 3 months (renovation and furnishing) from the day where 8 families have signed their contract.

- Property Italian Alps: Within 3 months (renovation and furnishing) from the day where 12 families have signed their contract.

You become owner of four holiday homes with high standards. The ownership is shared by 20 families and each owner will be written with 1/20 directly on the title deeds. The finesse with the sharing economy is that you pay 190,000 Euro, but the total contribution for the accommodations will be 3.800.00 Euro.

No, only the 20 owners jointly control 100% of the ownership.

The price is 202,000 Euro and thereby your family becomes owner of four fantastic properties abroad.

The fee totals 260 Euro/month for up to 6 weeks of availability per year, and 390 Euro/Month for up to 10 weeks. Each year you flexibily choose what level you desire.

Fee is divided into two parts:

- The largest part of the fee (c.75%) is paid to the owners' association ("Club Fivecation") where you and the other 19 owners are members. No others are members of your owners association. You can say this is your private community of owners, so this is money that basically goes to yourself. This covers home insurance, property taxes, local taxes, provision for future maintenance, pool management, gardening, and common part of the electricity and water charge.

- The remaining part, (c.25%), goes to the Service Company (that services the owners´ association) and mainly covers fees for administration, salaries and booking platform, which is a very attractive monthly cost for servicing the four properties.

Without the benefits of the collaborative economy, only one of these properties, such as the Valencia villa, would have a cost for a sole owner of minimum 1,000 euro/month.

The total monthly fee covers running costs, such as provision for maintenance, pool management, gardening, wifi, insurance, property taxes, local taxes, refuse collection, common costs of water, heating, electricity, management and administration.

Well maintained accommodations are important for everyone's comfort and for keeping the value of the properties. Mandatory professional cleaning after your stay and your own consumption of electricity/heating is additional. Everything else is covered in your monthly fee.

It is a possibility, but you should not count on that. An improved economy can, of course, lead to reductions. However the ambition is an unchanged level, adding for the inflation.

The process in short looks as follows: 

  1. Agreement signed
  2. Purchase price is paid
  3. You may start booking your properties

Direct ownership. Each buyer stands as 1/20 directly on the title deeds in each property. The 20 owners own 100% of the properties. No one else owns anything in the properties. This is a security for everyone.

No, unless you want to. The feeling will be that you own your properties yourself. Once a year the owners are called to a meeting, then one should attend.

No. This is a solid security for all owners.

Anyone who needs to borrow can normally borrow on free values in their own property at home. Talk to us and we will be happy to help convey bank contact who is familiar with the Fivecation ownership concept.

The sum goes to the purchase of the homes, additional taxes, renovation, expenses for lawyers, complete furnishings, as well as provision for the owners' own maintenance fund.

In budget and thus the monthly fee is included provisions for ongoing maintenance. The homes are prepared from the beginning, but it is important to think ahead. As security, 50,000 Euro is therefore also set aside as a reserve for the owners' association (Club Fivecation's maintenance fund). Club Fivecation's maintenance fund is continuously replenished with the owners' monthly fees. In case of maintenance needs, withdrawals are made primarily from the maintenance fund.

Your purchase will hopefully be a good long-term investment. If you need to sell for various reasons, it is possible. All owners have the right to sell their ownership in the four properties. Owners may sell their stake in the properties by them self, or through the Service Company, or an external brokerage pool. When you use the Service Company or brokerage pool, a commission is paid. External brokers normally charge c.5% of the sales price.

Real Estate has always proven to be a good investment in the long term. With Fivecation you also reduce the risk by spreading the investment across different geographical areas. But above all, you may enjoy your investment in wonderful holiday homes. That you can not do with a stock or a bond.

The difference is substantial. In typical time shares, you are assigned to buy specific weeks, usually on one accommodation and usually only 1 week. It is a very large portion of weekly owners in time shares, where even the companies behind the time share have great influence and profit hunger. You do not actually own your property in time shares and your freedom and your "ownership" is very limited, while both the price and fees are very high.

Fivecation's ownership is not "time share". Fivecation's ownership consists of 20 owners who buy and own 100% of four properties and where the costs are shared equally. You leverage on the share economy. Here you stand as the owner directly on the title deeds and you take decisions by yourself. No one else decides what days and weeks to book. Freedom. Flexibility. Security.

Fivecation's booking platform is a guarantee of a simple, fair and transparent ownership life. 

We have developed a booking system consisting of an automated digital platform. You make a booking in the system to the desired property and you get confirmation immediately. You also have 24 hours to book, for example, a flight or ask family and friends if the booking is suitable.

There is room for many flexible vacations through the booking system:

  • You can use the four properties up to a full 10 weeks (70 days) per calendar year.
  • You choose which property you want to visit and when you want to do so, with the option to book up to 23 months in the future. 
  • You choose flexibly the length of your trips, such as 3,4,7,10,11,14 days, or longer. Here you will not be bound to weekly bookings if not desired. 
  • As an owner, you choose for each year the scope of your holidays: Up to 42 or up to 70 normal nights, equivalent to 6 or 10 weeks. Some years you travel more, some years you travel less. You choose. 
  • There are 2 arrival/departure days per week, which means good opportunities to find decent air fares and departures from all major European airports. Or why not take the electric car. 

Good calendar air = good mood!

It should be easy to book the vacation days you want, which is carefully thought out and has the following background:

  • There are estimated about 40% air in the calendar when assigned ownership weeks are booked. This is a very important feature of the booking system! Yes, more weeks could have been distributed, but that would come at a cost of less flexibility for everyone. We are convinced that good air in the calendar is key. We also know that 10 weeks of holiday covers most families needs more than enough. 
  • Also destinations are possible to visit all year round, which means good distribution of usage over the year. 
  • The structure differs with each owner family, some have preferences for autumn and winter bookings, others for summer, some for short trips and others want a mix of everything. That also evens out the calendar.
  • Finally high season days, such as high summer and Easter, "cost" more to book. High season days "cost" 2 days per day booked, while Normal season "costs" 1 day per day booked. 

All these above parameters most likely allow you and your family to book your dream trips on desired dates. 

Welcome to Fivecation!

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