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How do we book?

Via Fivecation's booking platform, you can book your holidays in a simple, fair and transparent manner. 

You make a booking in the system to your desired property and receive confirmation immediately. You have 24 hours to book, in order to secure your flight or ask family and friends if the booking is suitable.

There is room for flexible holidays through the booking system:

  • You can book the three properties up to a full 10 weeks (70 days) per calendar year. 
  • You choose which property you want to visit and when you want to do so, with the option to book up to 23 months ahead of time. 
  • You choose flexibly the length of your trips, such as 3, 4, 7, 10, 11, 14 days, or longer. You are therefore not bound to weekly bookings, if not desired.
  • High season days, such as high summer and Easter "cost" more to book. High season days "cost" 2 days per day booked, while normal season, i.e. all other days, "costs" 1 day per day booked. 
  • There are 2 arrival/departure days per week for each property, which means good opportunities to find decent air fares and departures from all major European airports.
Welcome to an easy and flexible vacation lifestyle!

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