Moving in 2021

Four dream homes

You will be the owner of four wonderful properties carefully selected in France, Italy and Spain.

The selection process for finding the right properties is extensive and we are very detailed and careful. We will initially undergo a base of approximately 500 properties in each location. From there we select 40-50 properties per place that we believe have potential and visit them in person. After review, we select the top 3 items in each location. Then new visits and more extensive surveys of the properties. Then it's about selecting one of them. Not always easy. But safe for everyone.

Three properties have already been purchased (Property Valencia, Property Marbella and Property Provence) and are now ready for booking. Regarding Property Provence, renovation will begin in January 2022. Ready for use April 2022. Property Courmayeur will also be purchased shortly and is in final negotiations. Safe for everyone, in addition, you can immediately start booking your holidays without waiting time.

Combination stays

There are many nice travel combination possibilities. Which ever property you choose to visit, you will at least have many things to do. Here are some combination suggestions. 

Provence property: Combine your stay among the vineyards of Provence with a trip to the accommodation in Moraira south of Valencia. There are air links between the locations, or you can go by car. Another option is to combine the house in Provence with a ski week in your Italian Alps accommodation, just a few hours away!

Valencia property (Moraira): If you want to combine the Valencia property with the Marbella property then you can easily travel by car (500 km), or flight. There are also flights from Alicante to Milan for a visit to charming Courmayeur herons. 

Marbella: Great golf courses, great trekking and sporting possibilities, and for those interested in skiing, Sierra Nevada with its fine slopes is at 2.5h distance. There are few places in the world that offer beach life and skiing within such short distances. Take a stop in Granada on your way to the ski area and see the Alhambra. In this culturally rich region you can add many experiences, for example, a visit to Malaga with its museums and restaurants, or why not the city of Seville or the mountain village of Mijas or Rhonda. 

 Welcome to a world of holiday opportunities! 

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